CryptoFP Form Submission

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Media InquiryPodcast InterviewRIA ConsultingSpeaking RequestCustom EducationOther
Mike Long
True Private Wealth Advisors
RIA Consulting
Trying to add Cyrpto for our clients
Nolan Dohnalek
Tin Goose Partners
RIA Consulting
Hi Steve, it has been a pleasure reading your materials. I am interested in learning more about your RIA consulting. I along with my partner are about to acquire a small RIA as part of a broad investment thesis, and giving access to the crypto world is one of our key initiatives. I would love to learn more about what sort of consulting work you do. I myself am heavily involved personally in the crypto world but know that most likely none of our clients are. Looking forward to chatting.
Speaking Request
help me
Steve Larsen
Podcast Interview
I would love to be on your pod!